Connect your business

Workforce always running out of data? Using your data for other things? Tired of providing SIMs and sending data?

Remove the pain and frustration with Datafree Connect.

Enhance customer service, reduce cost, make running your business easier, add to your bottom line.

With Datafree Connect you can reverse bill the specific mobile apps your team relies on to run your business.


Simple and quick to implement.


Datafree Connect is an enterprise solution to enable staff and team members to use essential work related apps on their Android smartphones datafree.

Setting up Datafree Connect for your organisation is a simple process using the Connect Portal online dashboard:


  1. Configure one or more workspaces with a name, logo, data limits, and list of Android apps that will work datafree.
  2. Add the names and phone numbers of employees and team members to each workspace.

Employees and team members simply download the Datafree Connect app from the Google Play or Huawei App Gallery app stores and authenticate their phone number to enable datafree access for the selected apps in their Connect Workspace.

Individual employees and team members can belong to one or more Connect Workspaces.

Workspace Reporting, Limits and Alerting


We log data usage for your Datafree Connect Workspace so that you can see exactly how much data has been used by your employees. In addition, our reporting shows how much data each user has consumed.

We have the ability to place usage limits on:

  • Total data usage for the workspace
  • A per-user limit that applies to all users in your workspace

We send email alerts at 50%, 80% and 100% of the limits to the list of email addresses you have provided.

We are datafree on all networks in South Africa


Datafree has reverse billing agreements with the four major South Africa mobile network operators.

  • Mobile traffic associated with the Datafree Apps is logged on our Connect VPN Server.
  • We aggregate the data cost from all mobile networks into one bill.
  • You pay for the traffic for the Datafree Apps. End users pay nothing.
  • We provide detailed reporting so you can fully understand data usage.

A user with zero balance can use the Datafree Apps at no data cost.

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