Reverse bill all traffic along an IP address.

When you register for Datafree Direct, you are immediately assigned a zero-rated IP address pre-registered with the MNOs. You will be live in minutes, not weeks.

Reverse bill an IP address

Direct is a product from Datafree whereby you can reverse bill your data usage along with a single IP address. With Direct, you can keep your same back-end architecture and be up and running in a matter of hours.

Skip the queue

Traditionally, mobile network operators (MNOs) have been able to zero rate IP addresses for customers. However, zero rating an IP address means weeks or months of waiting and testing with each MNO. If you want to reach all mobile phone users in South Africa, that would mean a time-consuming process with four different MNOs. Once zero rated, all you are given is a lump sum data bill from each MNO for traffic across that IP address. With Direct, you are live across all MNOs in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

We reverse bill across all networks

Datafree has reverse billing agreements with the four major South Africa MNOs.*

  • All mobile traffic passing through our Datafree Direct Gateway is reverse billed to us.
  • We forward the traffic to your server where you process the requests.
  • We aggregate the cost from all the networks into one bill.
  • You pay for the traffic. The user pays nothing.
  • A user with zero balance can browse your Datafree app or website for free.

Going live on DIRECT is simple

  • We provide you a single zero-rated IP address that has been pre-registered with the MNOs.
  • You simply modify the DNS entries for your App to point to our Direct Gateway.
  • To make another App Datafree, just update the appropriate DNS entry.

We add value to your reverse billed solution

  • By updating a single DNS entry, you are Datafree across all MNOs. You don’t have to wait weeks for each MNO to register a single IP address.
  • With Direct, you can enter daily and/or monthly data consumption quotas. This allows you to manage your data bill and receive alerts when you are getting close to your consumption limits. 
  • Our reporting includes hourly, daily, and total data consumption, MNO breakdown, user counts, engagement metrics and more.
  • With our comprehensive Datafree Portal, you have full control of your reverse billed solution.
  • Datafree prides itself on customer service. We are an email or phone call away to provide answers to your questions.
  • Our platform is highly secure. We only allow whitelisted traffic to traverse our Gateway. Unregistered domains and IP addresses are blocked and logged.

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