Publish your website so it can be accessed in a mobile browser Datafree.

Build your new website/microsite Datafree or convert your existing website. Make simple code modifications or use the  Datafree Workbench to create dynamic Datafree mappings.
Make simple code modifications or use the biNu #datafree Workbench to create dynamic #datafree mapping.

Development steps utilising the Datafree Portal

  • Register Website
  • Request Datafree Portal domain
  • Register content access details (whitelist, content types, content sizing) and Record Website specific Datafree domain
  • (or) Use the Datafree Workbench to create Datafree mapping rules

Other development tasks

  • Modify website backend or let the Datafree Gateway handle the routing dynamically
  • Publish Datafree Website

Get Started

Simply contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and get you started with Datafree REACH.