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What is “datafree”?

The term “datafree” refers to the user experience of being able to browse a website or app without using one’s own data. If the person has a data balance, the datafree site or app can be used without consuming their own data. It can even be used when the person has zero data balance. The terms reverse-billing and zero-rating describe specific implementations that make the experience datafree for the end user.

How do I test that my app is datafree?

The best way to test that a website or app is 100% datafree is to test on a phone using an active SIM card that has zero data balance. Mobile data must be on and you must be in a reception area with a cell signal.

How do I see data usage for my app?

In order to see data usage for your app, it must first be in production (not in development/sandbox). Then, log into your account on the Datafree Portal and click the Reporting link on the left hand side menu. You can then select the app and type of report in order to see data usage.

What MNOs are datafree?

Currently, we are datafree on Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom in South Africa, MTN and Airtel in Nigeria, Orange and MTN in Cameroon, and AirtelTigo in Ghana. Since our Datafree Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS), it is additionally deployable in any market in the world. Contact us for more details.